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Social Media Marketing: Google+ and Your Small Business

November 19, 2014 – 9:55 am | One Comment

Google Plus has become the newest leader for small business and social media marketing. The new social media platform offers advantages that Twitter and Facebook cannot, but how do you know what to do or …

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How to Handle Feedback on Social Media for Better Customer Service

August 24, 2016 – 9:55 am |
Discover how to provide stellar customer service through responding to comments on social media.

Discover how to provide stellar customer service through responding to comments on social media.

Getting comments from customers on such a public space as social media can intimidating and scary; it’s a big reason why some businesses stay away from the platforms in their marketing efforts. But if you know how to handle the feedback, both good and bad, you’re sure to reap the rewards through building your customer service reputation. If you’re not sure how to react to comments that your clients post on your page, keep reading!

How to Handle Negative Feedback

  1. Don’t take it personally.It can be hard not to get defensive when someone starts complaining about something you’ve poured your heart and soul into, but emotions won’t help you settle the matter in a calm and professional manner. Take a deep breath and handle the situation with a level head.
  2. Don’t remove their post.Unless someone posts something vulgar, it’s a big social media no-no to delete the post. Plus, by keeping it there and responding to it, you’ll show others that visit your page that you address issues when they arise.
  3. Respond to them promptly and publicly.This does not mean you get into a debate with them via social media. Instead, write something to the effect of, “I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience. Can you please give me a call at [insert your phone number] or email me at [insert your email address] with additional details so we can address your concerns?” Make sure you respond to them right away, too. According to Virtual Social Media:
    • 85% of consumers that use Facebook want an answer within 6 hours.
    • 64% of consumers that use Twitter want an answer in an hour.
    • 77% of consumers will not wait over six hours to receive an email response.
  4. Be responsive.When they do reach out via phone or email, don’t delay in connecting with them. If you miss their phone call, return it as quickly as possible. If they send an email, get back to them right away. The longer you leave them hanging, the more frustrated and ignored they’ll feel. Social Media Today reports, “77% of US online adults say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service.”
  5. Really listen.What is your customer actually trying to tell you? Is there any feedback they’re providing you can learn from to make your business better?
  6. Show them you listened.This doesn’t mean you need to give into all their demands, but take the time to let them know they were heard and you’ll do what you can to make the situation right.
  7. Ask them for feedback.Take the opportunity to go a step further and ask them if they have ideas for how you can improve in the future.
  8. Move forward.Hopefully you’re able to resolve the customer service issue in a quick and positive way, but even if you aren’t, pick yourself up and move forward. I love what Nadya Khoja wrote about negative customer service on Spin Sucks: “Negative customer feedback is unavoidable, but it isn’t all bad. Everyone will always have an opinion and feel a need to share it with you whether you ask for it or not. The best thing to do is take it and learn from it.”

For Positive Feedback

Positive feedback is easier to manage on social media, and part of providing outstanding customer service is acknowledging those positive responses. There are multiple ways you can show your gratitude on social media without a lot of effort:

  • “Like” the update.
  • Share or retweet the update.
  • Send them a quick reply thanking them for their positive feedback.

The ability to respond to customer responses appropriately on social media is essential for building your stellar customer service reputation.  Now that you are armed with the basics on how to handle both negative and positive reviews, there is no reason to be intimidated by the public space social media provides. Happy posting!

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